Behavioral Phenotyping Core

The Behavioral Phenotyping Core (BPC) supports the CSNA and external investigators with cost-effective, large-scale centralization and execution of phenotyping. Its primary roles are to validate the phenotyping protocols in close coordination with CSNA project leaders run the pipeline to efficiently handle the large-scale multidimensional phenotyping efforts of the CSNA.

The BPC leverages major investments into the resources and expertise of The Jackson Laboratory (JAX)’s Mouse Neurobehavioral Phenotyping Facility (MNBF). The MNBF staff has extensive experience and expertise with large-scale, high-throughput phenotyping projects such as the NIH’s Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP) and Nathan Shock Center on the Biology of Aging.

In addition, through the CSNA, external investigators will be provided access to the BPC facilities, expertise and training in behavioral experimentation. The BPC will make all testing protocols and data available to the research community through the Mouse Phenome Database, a publicly accessible repository curated at The Jackson Laboratory.