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Short Course on the Genetics of Addiction October 23-26, 2023

This unique training experience combines our Annual Short Course in a hybrid format with the opportunity for mentored research experiences. The goal is to support and expand a diverse community of academics in their pursuit and advancement of addiction-related education, research, and careers. Course funding: 1R25DA051342 (NIH/NIDA; E. Chesler, PI); 5R13DA052199 (NIH/NIDA; E. Chesler, PI)

In-Person Research Experiences for Faculty and Student Teams Underrepresented in Science
Brent Berwin, Ph.D., Director, Courses & Workshops, JAX Genomic Education
Elissa Chesler, Ph.D., Professor, PI, Center for Systems Neurogenetics of Addiction

• Grant funded experiences: 1R25DA051342 (NIH/NIDA; E. Chesler, PI)
• Course participants can apply for an opportunity to come to JAX for a grant-supported, multi-week, research experience mentored by JAX host faculty, starting summer of 2022.
• Participants from populations underrepresented in science are eligible to apply.

Research and learning opportunities can take place at our…

Bar Harbor, ME Campus

or our Farmington, CT Campus

… and can be ‘wet bench and/or ‘dry bench’, including

  • Addiction genetics and genomics
  • Behavioral phenotyping
  • Physiology and Imaging phenotyping
  • Genomic data analysis
  • Mouse model development