Integrative Genetics and Genomics Core

The Integrative Genetics and Genomics Core (IGGC) will serve the CSNA by providing a suite of services for execution of a systems genetics approach to understanding addiction susceptibility. It will provide rigorous statistical genetic analysis and modern data dissemination relying on dynamic visualization, data exposure and seamless interoperability with modern information frameworks.

The key platform for data integration in the CSNA is our set of complementary mouse populations. The Collaborative Cross genetic reference population allows phenotypic measures obtained in any lab, and under any condition, to genetically correlated to assess whether and how various measures are related. For the CSNA, the Collaborative Cross mice will enable assessment of how addiction vulnerability is shared across risk predictors. The Diversity Outbred population enables the precise mapping of the cause of trait associations, and will allow CSNA investigators to identify gene variants that impact addiction risk and related behaviors.

The IGGC will offer services that enable discovery of novel biomolecular mechanisms of addiction susceptibility and ensure lasting utility of CSNA data and research outcomes. Each service includes processes and procedures for quality control, quality assurance and effective resource utilization by all members of the CSNA. The IGGC will work closely with CSNA investigators to ensure that analysis results are clearly interpreted.

Services include:

  • Experimental Design, Colony Management and Sample Tracking
  • Biobanking
  • Molecular Analysis: Genotyping, Gene Expression
  • Statistical Genetic Analysis: Differential expression, QTL, eQTL, Gene Coexpression
  • Integrative Genomics and Data Dissemination
  • Data Filtering Tool